Helping educators in higher education programs promote equity through research

This organization is dedicated to transformative educational leadership, teaching, and learning to promote successes in higher education settings. Dr. Kari-Lee Grant, the founder, elicits excellence and equity in education. As a doctoral degree holder and former assistant adjunct professor of literacy research at the graduate levels, she values the processes and products of education research. As an educator with extensive experiences at the elementary, middle, high school, and higher education levels as well as certifications as a school building leader and school district leader, she understands the importance of equity for all students and staff. As a parent, she advocates for students and families. Dr. Grant truly understands the importance of all stakeholders in school communities.

“I believe focused research and purposeful application of said research are powerful yet woefully underutilized tools in education settings. It is crucial for education stakeholders to leverage research to achieve school goals. To facilitate solutions, I developed the CRED4ED™ Framework for Transformative Praxis. The framework focuses on four tenets: emancipate, educate, elucidate, and evaluate. I incorporate this tool when offering research solutions to clients.”

Kari-Lee Grant, PhD

Stellar Services

My goal is to help key stakeholders in educational spaces leverage research to elicit excellence and equity in education. I take great pride in providing exemplary coaching and consulting services, and I am here to meet your needs. Find out more!

Experienced Educator

With 20+ years of experiences educating students and teachers in P–12 and higher education settings and research experiences at the local, national, and international levels, I am the right source for success. Have questions? I’d love to hear from you!

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