Free Initial Review

I offer a free 15-minute initial review for prospective clients!

Coaching for Educators (Group/Individual)

Do you want to complete your doctoral dissertation or master’s thesis in a timely manner? I demystify the dissertation process and provide targeted support within the code of conduct of your university, so you can graduate and positively impact education systems. Come alone, or bring a colleague or two for a group session!

$50 per hour (group) $150 per hour (individual)

Consulting for Higher Education

I provide consulting for higher education practitioners to align teacher and leader preparation programs with selected elements of NYSED’s Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Education Framework using action research. This may be implemented as part of the CRED4ED™ Framework for Transformative Praxis, which has four components: emancipate, educate, elucidate, and evaluate.

$300 per hour or as per contract

CARE Course (Individual)

The Comprehensive Action Research for Educators (CARE) Course is an asynchronous, online course for educators enrolled in higher education programs, who are (or will be) conducting research for their dissertations/theses in their own education institutions. When implemented with fidelity, educators can use action research to identify the root causes of challenges and implement solutions to transform leading, teaching, and learning.

Challenges A–Z

Administration ‣ Biases ‣ Culture ‣ Disparities ‣ Engagement ‣ Finance ‣ Graduation ‣ Hiring ‣ Identities ‣ Justice ‣ Knowledge ‣ Learning ‣ Management ‣ Needs ‣ Opportunities ‣ Policies ‣ Quality ‣ Responsiveness ‣ Services ‣ Teaching ‣ Understanding ‣ Vision ‣ Work ‣ Xenophobia ‣ Youth-centeredness ‣ Zeal

The CARE Course will give you the right tools to solve these challenges and more in your education institution!


“I had the opportunity to utilize this great service to aid in the completion of my PhD. Dr. Grant offered new and important insights, which I then shared with my dissertation committee. Her constant support and upbeat energy gave me the momentum to continue toward my goal—graduation. She constantly checked in on me and the progress I was making which allowed me to complete my thesis in record time. I highly recommend her service and professionalism. And I am delighted to recommend this service for anyone who is pursuing their degree!” L.D., PhD

“As a veteran teacher, I am always looking for a fresh take on the causes of challenges within my district. One of the greatest challenges faced year after year is low graduation rate. With the guidance and expertise of Dr. Grant, I am now able to implement real strategies and solutions in my craft, which have dramatically increased the graduation rate of my students. I would highly recommend this service for any educator looking to transform his/her/their approach to teaching for student success.” C.D.

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